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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rain = Pain

For the third time since Thursday, I had a real throbbing headache that just wouldn't quit this morning. I'm just realizing that, each time, it was rainy. I hope I'm not gonna be one of those people who's ache tells them rain is coming, and in the head no less! Ya Allah, please spare me that one.

I also want to give a general update on my progress so far.

Now, the doc said not to lie down unless I'm actually going to sleep. Otherwise, keep it moving, but nothing strenuous: sit in a recliner, TV, read, write, eat, computer, walk. That's easier said than done. I actually get tired of holding my head up after a while. At those times, I recline my head on a pillow in the living room with an ice pack (sweet cooling relief).

I wish I could say my pain is diminishing, but I still need those pain killers. When I sleep through a dose, I can barely lift my head off the pillow. I don't know if it's all in my head (figuratively) but the pain starts to increase when it's almost time for a pain killer. Am I just becoming a drug seeker? A couple of times, I put the medicine in my little serving cup and forgot for 15-20 minutes without disaster. You go figure.

I can say that my movement is improving. My neck's range of motion is definitely increasing, alhamdulillah. I do the Physical Therapy exercises they taught me in the hospital and take several walks a day, each one a little longer. It seems like the walking helps reduce the pain slightly.

My scarf is out of the question! When I went to the hospital, I wore a loose, thin scarf. That thing felt like a person was laying on my head! I kept it on while I was there for fear of airborn germs only. As soon as I got in the car, that thing was shed. Shoot! Most of the time, my hair is all piled up at the front to avoid that weight, let alone a scarf. I'll just wear an imaginary one if it comes up.

Most of the time, I'm taking way too long to do simple tasks like eating, writing or reading. I'm so fuzzy, probably thanks to those little teeny, blessed pain pills. I tried to paint my nails the other day, and it was so tedious and difficult. I wouldn't mind talking if it didn't make my face hurt and head throb half the time. Still, I look forward to the healthy, adult visitor if only just to listen to them.

Some have brought food, gift baskets, flowers and snacks along too. Thanks and smooches to each and every one of you angels. I must admit, I mostly get enthusiastic about eating fruit and salad. Nausea is still an issue from time to time, and I have little appetite. Still, I try to eat at regular times. It makes me feel much better when I do.

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