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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Excitement of the Ordinary

Run-of-the-mill, ordinary, unsurprising. These are usually terms that elicit chagrin. We want excitement that puts us as far away from mediocrity and boredom as possible, believing the extraordinary to provide some formula for just that.

But Dr. Weingart told us that everything went according to plan, that all was as expected, that there were no surprises. We have never been more excited by the ordinary. And grateful to God for answered prayers. Akilah is out of surgery successfully (though not out of the woods quite yet).

She is now coming out of the deep, deep sleep induced by the anesthesia. Bryan had told us that she would remember our conversation with him and her from before the surgery and then remember waking up, possibly as if no time or just 5 minutes had passed. Like the blink of an eye. Like this whole life.

How is she to know which life she's in, whether she's awake, if the passage of time is at the "ordinary" rate? We've gotten her a totem (showed her before she went in). The hospital staff will think they are ordinary flowers, the type that family and visitors might bring. But they are the way Akilah will know she is back.

We will see her soon, in sha' Allah.


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