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Friday, June 17, 2011

Home at last

I came home yesterday. Things are definitely different here...
I must admit, I've got a new headache. Neurosurgery is nothing to sneeze at, or cough for that matter. I have feared a cold before with my chiari headache. These days, I live in mortal dread of a cough. I've figured out a formula, though: line a pillow with a wide ice pack, wrap that around my neck and hold tight, next I cough ever so gently, once, maybe twice, that's it. After that, I try to recover and pray my throat stays clear from then on. My consolation: today's cough is easier than yesterday's.

Whenever I suffer through some new and/or different surgery related pain, I just remember that, since Monday, the pain is diminishing, not increasing. That is the opposite of my life leading up to June 13, 2011. Yes, I do wonder when the new headache will be gone. Also, I am thankful for the steady, hopeful improvements brought by each day so far.


  1. Maybe you can farm out the coughing. And why do I feel you are still being the master of the understatement? But truly glad the pain is decreasing.

  2. Uzma, you know me all too well. Between the lines, I've had a few more challenges, but the rest is true. I'm new at this blogging level of honesty. We all have our walls. I'm glad you can see past mine.