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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sticking to the Point

Today, I am scheduled to have my fourth acupuncture appointment. So far, it has been effective in decreasing the intensity and frequency of my pain. After the second visit, when I do need to take pain medicine (ibuprofen, acetomenophen), I have been able to reduce my dosage by 25%. With the pain reduction, I have an increased range of motion in my neck as well.

And, somehow, I am still not the biggest fan. I never felt good about the idea of sticking needles into me like a pin cushion, no matter how skinny they are. To begin, I got past the initial stage of just being weirded out by the acupuncture treatments, but this is no love affair. Then, as with most things good for you, I've got to work hard to get my insurance company to partially cover it. (Please, pray with me that they cover the acupuncture.)

After my first acupuncture appointment, I was so tired that I went home around 2 pm and slept most of the rest of that day. I also slept about 18-20 hours during each of the following two days. I thought it hadn't done me much good, but along came hormonal/monthly improvements that had been a problem for me the week prior to this visit. Besides, I realize that, if my body takes that kind of a sleep break, some internal healing is probably going on.

Second visit: I felt so good when my acupuncture visit was over at noon, I ran errands until 5:00 pm. I'd had a whole afternoon with no noticeable pain for the first time in a months. By 5:00 pm, I was done. Fatigue and neck pain came and hit me like a brick. My pain free/med free day was over. It was ibuprofen, muscle relaxer and a nap for me. I didn't get up until I woke the family for suhoor (pre-dawn breakfast) at 4:00 am the next morning.

Third visit: I told the doctor about my pain free day that ended in a crash. He said, "I should have warned you about that. It happens to so many people. You should't increase your activity so drastically, even if you feel good." Why is it that I have to be told these things? Where is my own common sense? Suss!... Anyway, after the third acupuncture visit, it rained for four days straight. Now, you may recall that stormy weather has been excruciatingly painful for me since my surgery. But, these days, I have only needed 1-2 doses per day of pain medicine as opposed to the every 4-6 hours I would take during previous barometric pressure changes.

So, while I'm still not too excited about acupuncture, I go for my fourth visit today. Ah, if only there were some relaxing spa treatment that yielded the same results. Until I find out about that miracle massage/pedicure/whirlpool, I guess I'm sticking to the point.


  1. I feel your fear, since I'm part of the 10% who have trypanophobia. At least we're in good company, 'cause apparently Jackie Chan is also scared of 'em. Hi-ya!

  2. Girl please tell my father about this. He needs acupuncture probably for his hip pain. And see the fear as a person, wave at it and blow it a kiss then go get that acupuncture. Love that it's improving your quality of life so much.