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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ending Limbo

How *does* one know they're in limbo? A friend pointed out (though, not gutsy enough to do it online!) that my so-called totem was all wrong. The person has to bring an object with them that /they/ can recognize, and observe in various possible states whether it follows the ordinary laws of the right world, the right state. That friend probably also had an urge to correct my posts for inevitable grammar and spelling mistakes. My apologies to all offended by hints of fictional infidelity. But might I invite you to still run with me on the metaphor for a bit longer?

To some extent, Akilah left the greatest danger-zone last night, when she showed herself to be lucid enough to intermittently speak, albeit while managing considerable pain. Dr. Blanco and his staff came periodically, asking her to speak, move her eyes up and down, shift them side to side, stick out her tongue, shrug her shoulders, wiggle her toes, shift positions. She spoke coherently about how she was feeling, and finally, they said she was aware enough to receive a device to manage her pain herself. Dr. Weingart came by and satisfied himself that all was (still) ok. He reassured us that all was according to schedule. All was excitingly ordinary.

Yet, she was in a lot of pain, working on managing it. If and when the levels get down below 5 on a 10-pt scale, she'll leave the ICU for regular recovery where she would then stay for another few days. The doctors will make the rounds again this morning to make a determination on that score.

When she moves to regular recovery, that's when she'll get to see her 'totem' [sic].

- IR

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  1. I am starting to love all things ordinary. And I'm sure the totem is perfectly fine, regardless of it's flaws.