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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Against Sick / Sic in the Penthouse

Akilah looked good this morning.  I mean, a million times better than yesterday.  I can prove it, too, having documented everything with photos all along the way.  But the fam vetoed [embargoed?] the idea of a photo essay on this particular occasion.  So you'll just have to believe me that she looks a ton better.

She feels better too.  Downstairs on the 7th floor, the new nurse, Beth let us in early this morning -- even though visiting hours did not begin until noon.  [I hope Beth does not get fired.]  Akilah was up and ready to eat breakfast -- back to solid foods after a day of IV and low-level pain killers.  We brought her something a bit better than the standard-issue hospital rations, and she was able to take /real/ pain medication.  She was out of the woods.  Whereas yesterday the pain was sometimes at 11 on a scale of 1-10, today it was at 5 - the trigger to let her move out of critical care and to the recovery room, where she would stay for the next few days.

She was just moved up to the 9th floor, the highest level in the Meyer building (outside of Osler where the operation happened, and above 7th Floor Meyer where the NCCU is located).  Kate is the new nurse up in the penthouse suite.  Akilah's companion has the same doc!  

Finally, finally, Akilah was able to see and recognize her totem -- which by the way, I've found is an entirely legitimate way to describe the lillies.  See, e.g.,   [So -- no sic.] She's back!  In sha'Allah home soon.  And in sha' Allah, fully recovered and better than ever soon after!  [So -- no sick.]

Tremendous, tremendous thanks for all the prayers and well wishes and support otherwise.  We are extremely blessed to have you, and Akilah and all of us appreciate you enormously! May God in turn reward you generously and Be with you and us all.

It may be that these events are stark reminders for us all -- to turn to God and to enjoy Life.  It is as a friend's dad reminded us recently with simple words that his recently deceased wife brought to mind after a lengthy illness:  "I wish you good health.  And that you enjoy life, every moment of it."



  1. So happy that she is doing well. Alhumdulillah!

  2. Akilah, so happy that you are feeling better, alhumdulillah. You know, I'd been wondering how you were and we've been praying for you 24-7, but I had totally forgotten about this blog link you sent a while back, until I saw Intisar's fb message about it in my news feed. Wish I had remembered. Anyway, keep regaining your strength. Loads of hugs and kisses!
    peace and love,

    Fatimah (fanusie- since you have so many Fatima friends)

  3. So so happy to hear that Akilah's finally out of the woods!! Praying for you to continue on the up swing and never have a downturn.

    Love you

  4. So happy, mashallah!! Best wishes for you Akilah! :)